Lakewood OH
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Emergency shelter to open today in Lakewood


By Sue Botos

An emergency shelter will be opened at Garfield Middle School, 13114 Detroit Avenue in Lakewood, this afternoon by the American Red Cross for those without power or in need of shelter.

Anyone coming to the shelter should pack enough items to cover the next 24 to 48 hours. Any medications, and the phone numbers of medical contacts, relatives or friends that may need to be called should also be brought. City officials ask that pets not be brought to the shelter.

The Illuminating Company has reported that about 13,000 Lakewood homes are without power. Due to the extensive storm damage, and crews first attending to emergency situations, outages could be lengthy.

“We are now 36 hours and counting, since the power went out,” commented Mayor Mike Summers. “The American Red Cross shelter will offer people a place to get a meal, charge their cell phones and a warm place to stay overnight,” he added.



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