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Bay trash, recycling pickup moving back to Tuesday

By Jeff Gallatin


City and Republic officials are preparing to trash Bay Village’s current automated recycling and refuse Friday pickup day and move it back to Tuesday.

Beginning Dec. 4, Bay Village residents will again have their trash picked up on Tuesdays instead of Fridays. The city had its trash picked up on Tuesday for several years, but had the date moved to Fridays when it began the automated trash and recycling pickup nearly two years ago. There will be one final Friday pickup on Nov. 30. The Monday bulk trash pickup day will become the last Tuesday of the month.

Mayor Debbie Sutherland said she was pleased to be able to make the switch in days, noting that when the first agreement was drawn up some reservations had been expressed both about not having the pickup day on Tuesday and specifically moving it to Friday. City officials did receive assurance from Republic officials that it would look at moving the day when they could.

“We had a lot of people who never really liked having it on Fridays,” she said. “It was more difficult for many people, especially when there would be a holiday and the day would have to be moved back to Saturdays. That was difficult for people who might have weekend plans and be headed out of town.”

Sutherland said having it earlier in the week will make for easier pickups, even when there is a change because of holidays.

“It’s just less disruptive and a lot easier for people to do it on an earlier day  and just put it out a day later in the week,” she said. “They did listen to us and our concerns about the day and have acted on it.”

She said the bulk pickup day also being set for the last Tuesday of the month also should be less confusing for people.

“People should be able to just plan for that and remember to get their big trash ready by the end of the month,” she said, noting that the city and Republic would still try to have reminders for people about the bulk pickup day.

Noting it’s a busy time of the year during the holiday season, Sutherland said having two trash collection days close together on Nov. 30 and Dec. 4 should also aid people in clearing out refuse from their homes.

In a related area, Sutherland said the last yard refuse pickup in the city is set for Dec. 14 this year.

“People should have it put together like they usually do in time for that last pickup,” she said.



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