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UFO investigator to land at Porter Library Thursday

By Kevin Kelley


Ohio is among the top 10 locations in the United States for sightings of UFOs, according to Tom Wertman, the Mutual UFO Network’s chief field investigator for Ohio.

Wertman will give a presentation on UFO activity in Ohio from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday at Westlake Porter Public Library, 27333 Center Ridge Road.

Wertman said he is not sure of the reason behind UFOs’ attraction to the Buckeye State. But he speculates that whatever phenomenon is behind the mysterious objects may be attracted to Lake Erie, as many reported sightings take place along the lakeshore.

His presentation, entitled “Out of This World,” will explore Ohio UFO sightings and people such as himself who go about investigating them. Wertman criticized some current cable TV network programs about UFOs, saying they fail to convey the rigorousness of serious UFO investigators.

Wertman told West Life he became interested in UFOs during his 1960s childhood, during which he watched numerous science fiction television programs and movies that included flying saucers. He followed up by reading books on the topic, starting with the 1966 title “Flying Saucers – Serious Business” by Frank Edwards.

A private school instructor, Wertman said 85 percent of reported UFO sightings can be explained by a known phenomenon. Some sightings are military aircraft and drones, he said.

But a number of sightings defy rational explanation, he said.

“There are sometimes things that we just can’t explain where they’re coming from,” he said.

Wertman does not rule out the possibility that an alien civilization might have advanced technology that allows it to travel vast distances almost instantly.

Wertman himself saw a UFO about nine years ago near Bath, Ohio. Just after dusk, he said he saw a triangular object, larger than a commercial aircraft, slowly and quietly moving across the sky.

At Thursday’s presentation, Wertman will take eyewitness reports of UFO sightings. He said at past public talks he has given, about seven to 10 individuals will come forward to report sightings. About a third of those who attend his talks typically say they have seen a UFO, he said.

To register for Thursday’s program, go to the library’s website, or call 440-250-5460.



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