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Passerby helps police catch assault suspect

Mitchell Kuhn (Photo courtesy of Westlake Police)

By Kevin Kelley

Mike Angelino doesn’t think he’s a hero, but his girlfriend does.

The 43-year-old North Olmsted resident and his girlfriend, Susan Monschein, had just seen “The Bourne Legacy” at Crocker Park’s Regal Cinema Tuesday night when they heard a woman yell for help. After hearing the cry two more times, they were moving in the direction of the sound when a man jumped up from between two cars in the parking lot behind the former Borders store, Angelino recalled. The man, who Angelino said had blood on his shirt, said a woman needed help. When Angelino asked the man why he had blood on his shirt, he ran off.

While Monschein tended to the victim, Angelino took off after the man, calling 911 during the chase.


“I’m chasing a guy who just assaulted a girl,” Angelino told the Westlake police dispatcher.

“There was pretty much no one else around,” Angelino told West Life.

The man, who police later identified as 25-year-old Mitchell Kuhn, ran across the Promenade parking lot toward Detroit Road, Angelino said.

“He was trying to lose me,” Angelino said, adding the man tried to run through landscaping bushes in an effort to escape capture.

Three or four times during the chase, Kuhn turned toward his pursuer as if about to fight, Angelino recalled. But that didn’t scare off Angelino.

His 911 call to the Westlake police dispatcher recorded Angelino yell at Kuhn in strong, confident voice, “I ain’t going away! Stay still!”

Angelino said Kuhn tried hiding under a van. Not wanting the suspect to get to a vertical position where he could fight, the North Olmsted man tried to keep him there by pushing him back under the vehicle until police arrived. Angelino knew police were near because he had heard their siren.

“You’re done now, dude!” Angelino told Kuhn.

Kuhn was able to emerge from beneath the van and headed toward a grassy area near Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Angelino said. There, Angelino tackled the suspect as police arrived.

Kuhn, who told police of residences in both Las Cruces, N.M., and Elyria, was taken by police to St. John Medical Center after complaining of chest pains. He was later discharged and taken to the Westlake city jail. Police said he had been drinking and possibly using illegal drugs. He faces a charge of felonious assault.

The victim, a 20-year-old Cleveland woman, has no connection to Kuhn, police said. She was also taken by ambulance to St. John Medical Center, where she was treated for cuts and bruises to the head, according to a Westlake police news release.

Angelino said his girlfriend saw cuts on the victim’s face and pools of blood on the ground near her.

Westlake Police Capt. Guy Turner praised Angelino’s response to the incident.

“We need more people like him,” Turner told West Life.

Angelino said he was never in fear during the pursuit and only became concerned when he lost sight of Kuhn.

“I didn’t know if he had a weapon,” Angelino explained.

Unlike his girlfriend, Angelino said he doesn’t consider himself a hero for getting involved.

“A girl yelled help and he was running the other way,” he said when asked what motivated him to give chase. “No motivation needed.”



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