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Olmsted Festival of the Arts menu getting bigger and better

By Jeff Gallatin


Menu items for the Olmsted Festival of the Arts are getting more diverse.

Paul Schumann, sponsorship chairman for the 2012 festival, which is set for 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday on the Frostville Museum campus of the Cleveland Metroparks, said there are two more noticeable changes from the previous years.

“This year, we’re having a lot of the booths from the farmers market they hold at Frostville at the actual festival on Sunday,” he said. “The farmers market is normally on Saturdays, but we thought it would be good to have something like that at the festival as well, so we said anybody from the farmers market who wanted to come for the festival would be welcome.”

Schumann, a former president of the Olmsted Historical Society, said the addition of the farmers market booths will not detract from the availability of food, refreshments and other items at this year’s festival. He said there will be art displays as well as items for purchase.

“‘We’ll still have lots of other food, arts and crafts and other things for people,” Schumann said. “We just thought it would be fun, because people like fresh food and would enjoy the opportunity to see and get the food along with the other items.”

Schumann said in addition to the variety of food, arts and crafts and other items, there will be plenty of music for people to listen to, as well as comfortable places from which to enjoy it.

“We’re fortunate to have such a great relationship with the Metroparks. They’re helping us by getting a couple of big tents put up where the different musical acts can play and people can listen to them in some comfort,” he said.

Schumann said there seems to be a trend in the musical acts that are registering to perform at this year’s festival.

“Right now (Aug. 1), we’re somewhere in the midtwenties for number of musical acts signed up to play at the event,” he said. “One thing I’m seeing is that in the previous years, we had a lot of high school and college bands coming in to play. We’ve still got a few of those, but we seem to have a lot more of the professional and regular bands coming in to play this year. The musical acts seem to be getting more polished.”

Schumann said there will be the usual wide range of musical styles, with rock, folk, jazz, country and other genres all being represented.

“There’ll be plenty of music for people to decide what they want to listen to,” he said.

In addition to the arts, music and food, the different buildings and exhibits on the Frostville campus will also be open to the public. Schumann said the Olmsted Historical Society continues to enjoy taking part in the festival.

“People will be able to check out the church and the different buildings and see how the different exhibits and projects are,” he said. “We really enjoy it. It gives people a chance to enjoy the festival as well as see what we’ve been up to.”



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