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Fairview comes out in force for ‘Team Jacob’

Team Jacob, Pictured (in no particular order): Jacob Johnson, Sam Johnson (cross country alumni), Jennifer Johnson, Toni Cern, Beth George, Bella George (survivor), Sevasti Tsarnas, Serafim Kollias, Angela Hixon, Ray Hixon, Dane Hixon (member of cross country team), Billy Guerry (member of cross country team), Rusty Guerry, Theresa Guerry, Sarah Guerry (eighth-grade member of cross country team), Noah Marsh, Ryan Miller (cross country alumni), Louis Ng, Cheryl Duffield, Terri Clark, Emily Wasserbauer, Cathy Wasserbauer, Adam Ward, Becky Slack, Tori Slack, Andy Slack (cross country head coach), Dave Slack, Linda Slack, Amber Kasmer, Casey Main (member of cross country team), Kimberly Kickel, Leighanne Main, Joey Marginian (former cross country coach), Taylor McCluskey (member of cross country team), Carolyn McCluskey, Michael Wazevich, Joe Pasini (assistant cross country coach); and other cross country team members Brendan Kilbane, John Krabill, Mitchell Minnich, Kaprina Hawkinson, Nikki Hawkinson, Wil Krueger. (Photo courtesy of Jennifer Johnson)

The Fairview Park track and cross country community participated in the American Heart Association Cleveland Heart Walk on Saturday in support of Fairview High School’s Jacob Johnson. Johnson is no longer able to compete in track and field or cross country due to a heart condition that made him collapse on the track during the Warrior Relays in the spring.

“We raised $2700 to date and there is still time to donate,” Jacob’s mother, Jennifer Johnson said. “None of us could be more happy or proud of the community for coming out to support us. It was an awesome experience, and we look forward to making it a bigger team next year.”




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