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Monthly Archives: August, 2012

Program offers low-interest loans for home repairs, improvements

In June, Westlake City Council unanimously approved legislation allowing the city to participate in the Cleveland Restoration Society’s Heritage Home Loan program. In it, homeowners of structures more than 50 years old can apply for 2 percent loans from Key Bank to make repairs or renovations.

Final police contract expected soon in North Olmsted

By Jeff Gallatin North Olmsted Both city and police union officials said they believe a final contract will likely be completed in the near future. Members of the police supervisors, patrol officers and correctional officers unions approved a fact-finding report Aug. 10. After a special Aug. 14 meeting and executive session to discuss the report’s […]

Guest column: Is it too late to change this election?

The pep rallies have begun. This week in Tampa and next week in Charlotte, party faithful will cheer on the candidates, their surrogates, and others who have earned a spot in the political limelight. Very little news will come of these, but we’ll see and hear more than enough of both regardless. It’s kind of […]

Barroco Grill brings South American flavor to Lakewood

You don’t have to travel far these days to experience authentic South American cuisine. Barroco Grill, a small Lakewood eatery, specializes in the fare of Colombia and Venezuela, but you will also find dishes representative of Cuba and other parts of the Caribbean on the menu. Its signature item is the arepa, a typical Col0mbian street […]



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