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Monthly Archives: July, 2012

Rush-hour right turns on red prohibited at congested corner

At a Council committee meeting, Police Chief Richard Walling explained that the stacking area for vehicles to get onto I-90 is too short, resulting in traffic jams.

Art shows take on a new form, attracting younger generations

Meagan Steed Westlake On Sunday, art and craft lovers will unite at the 2012 West Side Summer Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show at Wagner’s Country Inn in Westlake. The show was founded in June 2011 by 26-year-old entrepreneur Becki Cooper, who created the company in hopes of attracting an audience of the younger generation. Recently, […]

Dog park in Metroparks being considered

By Nicole Hennessy Westshore Dogs like parks, too. And they don’t require swing sets or jungle gyms – just space to run around and play with or harass other dogs. There are a few that are accessible to Westshore residents — one in Lakewood and in Avon Lake, and an unofficial dog hangout at Columbia […]

Demons U9 travel baseball win CVBA championship



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