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New location a big full circle for North Olmsted BMV


By Jeff Gallatin


For Deputy Registrar Maureen Brogan and the North Olmsted Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the recent move to a former bank building on Brookpark Extension has brought them into a big full circle.

“It’s a lot bigger than what we had in the Great Northern Plaza,” Brogan said. “We basically outgrew the office over there.”

During the weekend before July 4, workers completed the move to the former Huntington Bank branch in the plaza that is also home to Ollie’s, the Sears Outlet store and some open space formerly occupied by a video store.

“Basically, we got our Saturday work done, finished packing everything up and moved the office over to here,” Brogan said.

For Brogan, the move brings her full circle, since the BMV offices were located 20 years ago in the business strip across the street from the new location.

“It’s where the office was when I got in the North Olmsted office,” she said. “It’s a fairly accessible location for people to get to.”

North Olmsted police Chief Jamie Gallagher also remembers when the office was located in the strip on Brookpark Extension.

“This location looks pretty good,” he said. “It has more room than the old across the street from a long time ago as well as the one over in the plaza. It should be a lot nicer for everybody.”

Brogan noted that since each office is considered a private contractor working with the Ohio BMV and the Department of Public Safety, they had bid proposals submitted for the old location in the Great Northern strip and the one for the former bank building. State officials approved the bid for the new location in late April, so workers began the process of converting the former bank building while Bureau workers began preparing for the move.

“They moved pretty quickly on getting the work done,” she said.

Brogan said moving into a former bank building was advantageous in several ways.

“Bank buildings make great BMV offices because they’re built for customer service,” she said. “We inherited a lot of great counter space here, and it’s better for both customers and workers in the new location.”

Brogan said the amount of space doubled, from 2,350 to 4,700 square feet.

“It makes it a lot easier for customers and workers to move around,” she said.

Customers have more room in which to get their services, while workers have more room in which to do their jobs, Brogan said. With the additional room, the office was able to add an additional work station.

“You want to set it up so people have to wait as short a time as possible,” she said. “People don’t want to spend all day taking care of  something like this. They want to get what they need and move onto something else.”

Brogan said the Monday through Friday traffic draws heavily from the Westshore area, but noted Saturday’s draws a wider range of customers.

“We get more people from all over because we’re one of the two Cuyahoga County locations which deal with titles then, so we have a lot more cities represented on Saturday,” she said.

Brogan said the move has been relatively free of problems, noting the biggest was a July 11 power outage for much of the office.

“It wasn’t even during the real hot days the previous week,” she said.

Brogan said people are giving the new office good reviews.

“They like the additional space. It’s a better experience for all of us,” she said.



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