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Kroft’s Emporium is a blast from the past

Meagan Steed

Olmsted Falls

Whether one is searching for jellies, nautical art or even a Victrola music box, Kroft’s Emporium in Olmsted Falls is the place to be. Located in the Grand Pacific Junction, Kroft’s Emporium carries a vast array of antique, vintage and brand-new items for shoppers with truly eclectic tastes.

Kroft’s Emporium, owned by Adrianne Beitl, has been in operation for just more than a year. When Beitl’s father died two years ago, he left her enough capital to invest in the store of her dreams. To carry on his memory, Beitl used her maiden name of Kroft in naming her store and chose Emporium to describe the diverse inventory of the store.

“We’re not a gift shop or an antique shop, but we carry anything in between,” Beitl said.

The five-room store is filled with items from a dozen renters who each lease a certain area in the store where they can sell any item they desire. Currently, there are also about a dozen sellers on consignment, which means that they bring in a single item with a set price, which Beitl will place in the store, and, once it sells, both Beitl and the seller divide the profit.

In the kitchen-themed room, Beitl displays a vendor’s Amish jams, jellies, canned fruits and pickles that have been successful with customers who prefer not to trek to Amish country for their favorite canned goods. In the Vintage Back Room, shoppers can find vintage items from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, such as tiki candles and various home decor items.

“What’s fun about our store is that it’s ever-changing,” said Beitl. “Once something sells, they bring something new in to sell.”

Beitl’s love of wine is evident in the numerous wine accessories that fill the back half of a room. She designs and sells lighted wine bottles that she has adorned with white Christmas lights. Beitl also exercises her love of scrapbooking by making handmade greeting cards that are great for any occasion.

Since the store is located in the Grand Pacific Junction, the building has seen many things in its day since its erection in the early 1900s. When the building was first constructed, it was utilized as a repair garage. To remind shoppers of the building’s history, in the store’s entrance shoppers look through the glass to their right and are greeted with replicated life-size horses, carriages and men sitting on park benches.

“I feel like the old-time feeling at the Grand Pacific Junction goes with my emporium theme of people going down Memory Lane when shopping in my store,” said Beitl.

The Vintage Back Room is full of an assortment of items to suit the fancy of eclectic shoppers. (West Life photo by Meagan Steed)

Kroft's Emporium captivates the imagination of shoppers as they wander through the store's five rooms. (West Life photo by Meagan Steed)



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