Lakewood OH

Kennedy preparing to get back to City Hall, attend meetings

By Jeff Gallatin


Mayor Kevin Kennedy plans to be back at City Hall later this month and expects to attend council and administration meetings when they resume in August.

Kennedy, who underwent emergency surgery July 4 at Fairview Hospital to remove an infection, said his recovery at Cleveland’s MetroHealth Medical Center (where he was transferred) is going well.

“I’m feeling a lot better, the rehabilitation is going well,” he said. “I’m getting back to where I should be.”

Kennedy said he expects to be released from the hospital soon.

“I’m looking forward to it,” he said. “I will be coming to City Hall and putting in some hours at the office in late July.”

Kennedy said he will be in attendance at meetings, noting there are important ones already scheduled that he should be at. Council is in recess during July and will resume its regular meeting schedule in August.

“We’ve got the meeting with council about the mayor’s court set for before the first regular meeting (Aug. 7), and I will be talking with City Council about it, and we’ve got other business coming up as well,” he said.

Prior to the break, Kennedy had revealed his plans to form a mayor’s court in North Olmsted and have it handle traffic and other minor offenses instead of Rocky River Municipal Court. The move prompted a storm of protests from officials from the court and the other cities (Bay Village, Fairview Park, Rocky River and Westlake), saying it would drop income at the court and cause financial problems, which likely would include layoffs. Kennedy has said the move would benefit North Olmsted by keeping much of the money in North Olmsted and aid many of the traffic offenders by having the court in North Olmsted with nighttime hours.

Paul Barker, chairman of City Council’s Finance Committee, said he’s stayed in touch with Kennedy.

“We’ve talked a couple of times and I’m glad he’s feeling better,” Barker said. “We’re looking forward to seeing him come back. I’m glad he plans to attend the meetings and hope he does. We just don’t want him to overdo it. We want him to have a full recovery.

“I’m glad he’s ready to talk about the mayor’s court, because I’m sure there will be a lot of discussion about it,” Barker said. “There will be questions, such as to how it will be set up and where the money will go.”



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