Lakewood OH

Westlake’s No. 1 fan calls it a day

Chad DiLillo leads the Westlake contingent at the state baseball championship in a pre-game cheer on Saturday. (West Life photo by Ryan Kaczmarski)

By Ryan Kaczmarski

It did not matter what sport was being played, boys or girls or whether it was a home or an away game – for the last 15 years, Chad DiLillo was there.

You would see him on the glass at the hockey games, high-fiving the swimmers as they exited the pool and leading the baseball, football and basketball teams on to the field and courts. He is always the person leading the “Here we go, Westlake, here we go …” cheer at all the sporting events.

He has decided that, with coach Jeff Short retiring this year, it was time for him to retire as the team’s bat boy, too.

“I appreciate the coaching staff and these fans,” DiLillo said. “I am the greatest fan of Westlake, and these other fans really (have) supported me (over the years).”

Although he will not be the baseball team’s bat boy anymore, it should be expected to still see and hear him at Demons games.



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