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Suspect emerges in DQ break-in

dq suspect

A surveilance camera picture of the suspect in Dairy Queen break-in.

North Ridgeville

Michael Fitzpatrick

A suspect has emerged in the break-in at a popular fast food chain.

Someone pried open the back door of the Dairy Queen at 32936 U.S. 20 sometime in the late hours of May 11 and early hours of May 12, according to police.  The suspect made off with an undisclosed amount of cash. A store employee arrived at work and discovered the break-in.

A surveillance video caught the suspect in the act. He’s described as a white male in jeans, a blue hoodie and an olive green Carhartt jacket. A black mask covered the suspect’s face, said Capt. Marti Garrow of the North Ridgeville police.  The break-in caused $1,500 in damages to the store.

Now police believe that 48-year-old Thomas Yafanaro could be involved. Yafanaro, who is from Cleveland, was recently arrested in connection with the burglary of a Brian’s Furniture in Westlake. That burglary occurred on May 21st. Yafanaro allegedly got away with two big screen TVs and furniture.

Garrow confirmed on June 4 that North Ridgeville police are looking at Yafanaro as a suspect in the Dairy Cream crime.

Yafanaro has a criminal record dating back to 1990 and has arrests for receiving stolen property, breaking and entering and safecracking.



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