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Rezoning measure to add Borders building to Crocker Park

By Kevin Kelley


Crocker Park officials have revealed new details about the continuing development of the Westlake lifestyle center, including plans for a hotel and additional residential units.

The details emerged during a June 18 Westlake City Council committee meeting. At the meeting, Crocker Park officials requested that the building containing Bed, Bath & Beyond and the vacant Borders store, located in the Promenade shopping center, be rezoned from the business shopping center category to planned unit development, the zoning category used for Crocker Park. The Promenade, which was built before Crocker Park, has been zoned under the business shopping category.

Under the rezoning request, the Borders building strip would become part of what city planners and Crocker Park officials call Block K of the lifestyle center.

Under plans discussed before the council committee, the back portion of the now-vacant Border store would be expanded for a new tenant that Crocker Park officials did not name.

Steve Rubin, chief operating officer of Stark Enterprises, which owns and operates Crocker Park, said his company has had discussions with several retailers for the Borders site.

Above the back section of the vacant Borders store, Stark Enterprises plans to build four stories containing 22 residential units that it intends to rent as apartments. Just east of that will be a T-shaped hotel building with space for retail and restaurants slated for the first floor.

Because a portion of the planned apartments will be built in what is now a zoned shopping district, the rezoning must be approved by voters. The City Charter requires any rezoning that allows multifamily development be approved at the ballot box.

Before the measure goes to the voters, it must obtain approval from both the city’s Planning Commission and City Council. Crocker Park officials would like to have the rezoning measure on the Nov. 6 ballot.

A motion to draft legislation for the proposed rezoning was passed by the committee by a 3-0 vote.

Crocker Park officials also said there has been discussion of converting part or all of the Promenade into planned unit development over the long term. Council members Ed Hack and Ken Brady said they would like to see future plans for the Promenade be presented all at once instead of piecemeal fashion.

“By doing it piecemeal, I think it’s going to hurt the project,” Brady said.




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