Lakewood OH

Shared services versus saved expenses

In announcing plans to withdraw much of his city’s business support for the Rocky River Muncipal Court, North Olmsted Mayor Kevin Kennedy is being true to form and counter to the current discussion toward shared services among municipalities.

It was not so long ago the city announced it would not take part in discussing regionalized fire coverage as a result of it potentially being more expensive.

The system with the courts, however, had been well established.

It’s no small matter that Kennedy is not publicly releasing the financial information right now in support of his decision. If the statement that the city will leave the court system is public, why not the financial information to back it? Certainly the numbers that do come forth bear out the proposed action, but comments with context are much easier to swallow.

It will also be interesting to see if someone tries to make a counter case exploring reasons to stay together. Someone should. Someone could have done that sooner if the discussion had been more public.

The fear in situations such as this is that North Olmsted could – consciously or not – evolve into a speed trap. That has been editorial fodder here before, and not in a supportive way. West Life has received assurances that is not the desire here.

So we’ll just choose to be sorry that in an age of shared services there is now seemingly one less example of how that can be possible and wonder out loud what else is yet to come.

Only with statements from Kennedy such as, “I know it’s not popular with them, but, I serve the citizens of North Olmsted. This is best for our city,” we may not be waiting long.




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