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Westshore high school winter postseason awards

ROCKY RIVER HIGH SCHOOL (West Shore Conference)

 Boys Swimming/Diving

1st Team All-WSC:

Daniel O’Callaghan – 1 meter diving

 Eric Salberg, Chris Grant, Sam Stankivicz and Kevin Arnold – 200 medley relay

Daniel Parris – 200 individual medley, 500 freestyle

Michael Henry – 50 freestyle

Sam Stankivicz – 100 butterfly

Michael Henry, Chris Grant, Andrew Goecke and Daniel Parris – 200 freestyle relay

Eric Salberg – 100 backstroke

Chris Grant – 100 breast stroke

Michael Henry, Kevin Arnold, Andrew Goecke and Daniel Parris – 400 freestyle relay

2nd Team All-WSC:

Ian Bokas – 1 meter diving

Kevin Arnold – 200 freestyle, 500 freestyle

Patrick Mahoney – 200 individual medley, 100 breaststroke

Michael Henry – 100 freestyle

Girls Swimming/Diving

1st Team All-WSC:

 Hallie McCue – 200 individual medley

Megan Auzenbergs – 100 freestyle, 50 freestyle

Emma Flynn, Elizabeth Weger, Jessica Goepfert and Megan Auzenbergs – 200 freestyle relay

Katie Perez, Hallie McCue, Emma Flynn and Megan Auzenbergs – 400 freestyle relay

2nd Team All-WSC:

Amanda Oster – 1 meter diving

Katie Perez – 200 freestyle, 500 freestyle

Emma Flynn – 200 individual medley

Hallie McCue – 100 backstroke

Boys Basketball

Jonathan Lihani  – 1st Team All-WSC

Joey Kinsley – 2nd Team All-WSC

Ryan McCrone – Honorable Mention WSC

Michael Pavlik – Honorable Mention WSC

Girls Basketball

Hannah McCue – West Shore Conference MVP, 1st Team All-WSC

Allyson Helleis – 1st Team All-WSC

Katie McNally – 2nd Team All-WSC

Ciara Kessler – 2nd Team All-WSC

Maggie Krajcer – Honorable Mention WSC

Katie Kocher – Honorable Mention WSC


Travis Smith (132) – 2nd Team All-WSC

Pat Gallagher (160) – 2nd Team All-WSC

BAY HIGH SCHOOL (West Shore Conference)

Boys Swimming/Diving

1st Team All-WSC:

Duncan MacMillan – 200 freestyle, 100 freestyle

2nd Team All-WSC:

Trevor Lake – 50 freestyle, 100 butterfly

Alex Repenning, Brogan MacMillan, Duncan MacMillan and Trevor Lake – 200 freestyle relay, 400 freestyle relay

Boys Basketball

Bryan Lowrie – 1st Team All-WSC

Scott Rapps – 2nd Team All-WSC

Ryan Voiers – Honorable Mention WSC

Sam Strauss – Honorable Mention WSC

Girls Basketball

Chris Brewer – West Shore Conference Coach of the Year

Claire Wilson – 1st Team All-WSC

Taylor Seton – 2nd Team All-WSC

Kaleigh Sima – 2nd Team All-WSC

Claire Werblak – Honorable Mention WSC

Jillian White – Honorable Mention WSC

WESTLAKE HIGH SCHOOL (Southwestern Conference)


Boys Swimming/Diving

1st Team All-SWC:

Sean Phillips – 500 freestyle

2nd Team All-SWC:

Joe Knurek, Troy Stevens, Keith Astler and Alex Lamorgese – 200 medley relay

Sean Phillips – 200 freestyle

Honorable Mention SWC:


Chris Boardman

Kevin Waitrovich

Girls Swimming/Diving

1st Team All-SWC:

Sammie Sposet – 1 meter diving

Nora Lee – 100 butterfly

2nd Team All-SWC:

Ana Ivkovic – 100 butterfly

Lauren Choban – 100 freestyle, 100 backstroke

Lauren Choban, Ana Ivkovic, Olivia Prexta and Nora Lee – 400 freestyle relay

Honorable Mention SWC:

Julie Solarz

Megan Duffy

Boys Basketball

Shawn Hood – Southwestern Conference Co-Coach of the Year

Shawn Turk – 1st Team All-SWC

Grant Gase – 1st Team All-SWC

Bryan Mackenzie – 2nd Team All-SWC

Gavin Skelly – 2nd Team All-SWC

Ezzat Assad – Honorable Mention SWC

Andrew Guirguis – Honorable Mention SWC

Girls Basketball

Rachel Trujillo – 1st Team All-SWC

Katie Carroll – 1st Team All-SWC

Maggie Zimmerman – 2nd Team All-SWC

Liz Kobe – Honorable Mention SWC

Lauren Wichman – Honorable Mention SWC


Logan Paul (160) – 2nd Team All-SWC

Mo Farraj – Honorable Mention SWC

Andrew Spreng – Honorable Mention SWC

 Ice Hockey

 Matt Russell (G) – 1st Team All-SWC

James Jenkins – 2nd Team All-SWC

Adam Sandor – 2nd Team All-SWC

Kent Axcell – Honorable Mention SWC

Ben Thurstone – Honorable Mention SWC

NORTH OLMSTED HIGH SCHOOL (Southwestern Conference)

Boys Swimming/Diving

1st Team All-SWC:

 Peter Serio, Kenny Urbanek, Mark Becks and Ryan Sara – 200 freestyle relay

2nd Team All-SWC:

Peter Serio, Kenny Urbanek, David Hundt and Ryan Sara – 400 freestyle relay

Honorable Mention SWC:

Joe Casedonte

Jay Romanchik

Girls Swimming/Diving

1st Team All-SWC:

Jacky Jarachovic – 50 freestyle

Megann Ott – 100 freestyle

2nd Team All-SWC:

Megann Ott, Sofia Chinchilla, Kara Foraker and Jacky Jarachovic – 200 medley relay

Megann Ott, Dana Sabino, Kara Foraker and Jacky Jarachovic – 200 freestyle relay

Honorable Mention SWC:

Hannah Bryner

Megan Loeser

Boys Basketball

 Darvin Freeman – 1st Team All-SWC

Marc Remy – Honorable Mention SWC

Pat Needles – Honorable Mention SWC

 Girls Basketball

Megan Branckick – 2nd Team All-SWC

Tara Kelley – Honorable Mention SWC

Erika Kobak – Honorable Mention SWC


 Kyle Biggs (132) – 2nd Team All-SWC

Brian Brunner (145) – 2nd Team All-SWC

Alex Belaia Martinduk (170) – 2nd Team All-SWC

Ice Hockey

Brandon Schmitt (F) – 2nd Team All-SWC

Michael Shackleton (D) – Honorable Mention SWC

Tim Musat (D) – Honorable Mention SWC

OLMSTED FALLS HIGH SCHOOL (Southwestern Conference)

Boys Swimming/Diving

2nd Team All-SWC:

Aidan Burton – 100 backstroke

Honorable Mention SWC:

Greg Porch

Jake Bolton

Girls Swimming/Diving

1st Team All-SWC:

 Bridget Liddy – 500 freestyle

 2nd Team All-SWC:

Bridget Liddy – 200 freestyle

Joan Dregalla – 200 individual medley

Honorable Mention SWC:

 Katie Ashman

Lauren Higgenbotham

Boys Basketball

Eric Meehan – Honorable Mention SWC

Steve Johnson – Honorable Mention SWC

 Girls Basketball

 Allison Gerycz – Honorable Mention SWC

Jaime Fossen – Honorable Mention SWC


Nick Asadorian (126) – 1st Team All-SWC

Alex Bevilacqua (132) – 1st Team All-SWC

David Lance (106) – 2nd Team All-SWC

Chase DuPratt (113) – 2nd Team All-SWC

Scott Ahern (138) – 2nd Team All-SWC

Travis Devericks (195) – 2nd Team All-SWC

Jordan Lee (285) – 2nd Team All-SWC

Kyle Kokitka – Honorable Mention SWC

Brian Slater – Honorable Mention SWC

Ice Hockey

Tony Green (F) – 2nd Team All-SWC

Jacob Norman (F) – Honorable Mention SWC

Ryan Norman (D) – Honorable Mention SWC

FAIRVIEW HIGH SCHOOL (Patriot Athletic Conference)

Girls Swimming/Diving

Alice Clark (district champion) – 1 meter diving

Boys Basketball

John Doherty – 1st Team All-PAC

Rory Juhn – 2nd Team All-PAC

Cole Ziegler – Honorable Mention PAC

Girls Basketball

Katie Smith – 1st Team All-PAC

Rosie Morrison – 2nd Team All-PAC

Kelsey Bilak – Honorable Mention PAC


 Tyler Keating – Honorable Mention PAC

LUTHERAN WEST HIGH SCHOOL (Patriot Athletic Conference)

Boys Basketball

Ricky Downer – 2nd Team All-PAC

Dan Hillenbrand – 2nd Team All-PAC

Shane Elkins – Honorable Mention PAC

Girls Basketball

Lindsey Tomola – 1st Team All-PAC

Lindsay Thomas – 2nd Team All-PAC

Katherine Konstan – Honorable Mention PAC


 Tim Mecklenburg – state qualifier


Girls Basketball

Stephanie Haas – 1st Team All-District, 3rd Team All-Ohio

Maddie Barry – Special Mention All-District

Megan Barilla – Special Mention All-District



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