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Maple roof repair need being mulled by North Olmsted school board

By Jeff Gallatin


District officials are seeking additional information before making a final decision on how quickly to make repairs on Maple Intermediate School’s roof.

School board members were given a special March 21 presentation by Bud Griffith, president of Construction Resources Inc., a Solon firm, which compiled a report on the condition of the more than 50-year-old school building’s roof. Griffith reviewed the various materials and construction of the roof.

Current estimates for the actual repairs show it could range from $500,000 to $750,000, depending on what work is actually done and when the work is done. Griffith noted that construction schedules are relatively flexible right now, and work like this could be scheduled if done quickly.

He said if the district decides to move ahead with the work this year, it could be scheduled and completed in time for the start of the 2012-13 school year.

“It would take most of the summer to get done,” he said. “But, if it’s scheduled shortly, we could get it on the schedule and it could start at the beginning (of summer vacation) and get it done before the school starts.”

Griffith and school officials cited the need to avoid possible disruption of class and school activities by any construction work.

Board member Linda Cleary asked if there was any danger right now of materials falling from the roof onto the heads of students or other people in the building if no work is done until summer. She cited a personal experience at her job where a piece of a ceiling fell and narrowly missed her head. Then, the following morning, she and co-workers found several large pieces of plaster on desk work areas.

Griffith said there should be no immediate danger, but again noted that the district should consider its options and schedule work relatively quickly.

Board member John Lasko said the issue again shows the need for the district to have a plan for addressing long-term facility issues and repairs.

“We need to have a plan which we can consult and utilize which shows us which way we need to go and what work needs to get done first,” he said.

Lasko asked if some form of plan or at least something showing a solid timetable for what needs to be done, at Maple specifically and the district as a whole, could be devised within a few days. District administration officials said they would try to have something ready for this week. Lasko asked if Construction Resources could put together a fact sheet on the the school’s needs, saying it could forestall the need for a special meeting to discuss the matter again.

Board members said they also would try to schedule a special meeting, if needed, or place it on the agenda for a special meeting for a team building session being set later this month.



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