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Trio indicted in North Olmsted copper thefts cases

By Jeff Gallatin

NORTH OLMSTED – A trio of North Olmsted residents is facing charges of receiving stolen property for allegedly taking copper from businesses and homes last year.

Tim Hahn, 38,  Tony Jana, 32, and Nick Hartman,29, all were indicted on the charge last week by the Cuyahoga County grand jury. Jana has already received six months after being convicted in Common Pleas Court last year on charges relating to one theft. Arraignment for the trio has been set for Thursday (Feb. 16) in Common Pleas Court.

North Olmsted Detective Dan Barrett said the trio began working together to get into the different buildings.

“They got to know each other, then they got an apartment and were living together,” he said. “They started hitting the different places.”

Barrett said the charges against the trio in this instance stem from late September 2011 when they allegedly took copper from the Discount Drug Mart store and the AT &T building on consecutive nights.

“Like many of the other copper thefts, they got the material and then disposed of it for money,” Barrett said.

He said the group used money from the different thefts to support a drug habit.

“They used it to pay for getting the bath salts mix,” Barrett said. “It was an ongoing thing.”

Barrett said Hahn was tracked down to Kent, where he was staying temporarily for medical reasons.

Barrett said he anticipates clearing at least one additional copper theft at a home in North Olmsted, saying he’s waiting for the homeowner to call him back to finalize parts of the case.

He said the suspects are still providing additional information about the cases and officers will follow up any additional leads.

North Olmsted Police Captain Mike Kilbane said it’s always good to solve multiple cases.

“Dan’s doing a great job of clearing these cases and getting the indictments,” Kilbane said. “You want these kind of  guys off the streets because the copper theft can really hamper a building and its owners.”



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