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Master plan: A vacant property will soon come to life

Old Garnett School location

By Nicole Hennessy

Fairview Park

A 4.7-acre property across from Fairview Park’s City Hall, the former location of Garnett School, has been rezoned in an agreement between the city and Fairview’s board of education.

“That took place last fall,” James M. Kennedy, director of service and development, said. Now the property is properly prepared for its nursing-home future.

“Right now, we’re probably looking at summertime” in terms of breaking ground, he added.

In the meantime, beds must be purchased and nursing homes have to apply to the state of Ohio for a Certificate of Need, which facilities with long-term beds must apply for in order to be properly approved.

Kennedy listed these things, saying, “There’s a lot of due diligence that has to take place.”

O’Neill Management, which bought the property from the city, owns many properties in the Westshore area, including Bay Village, Lakewood, North Olmsted and North Ridgeville.

“The one in the closet proximity is the Wellington Place (& Pathways), which is over on Brookpark Road,” Kennedy explained.

The city anticipates about $100,000 a year in income tax.

And “because of the special arrangement we made with the schools (the waiving (of) costs associated with the Gemini Center’s use), the property was transferred over to us for a dollar,” Kennedy said.

But due to Fairview Park’s economic incentive for new construction of up to 100 percent for seven years, O’Neill will be applying for tax abatement on the facility.

“So, in the beginning, they’ll be paying on the value of the land only,” Kennedy said.

“(This nursing/assisted living home) is a good thing for a variety of reasons. It puts property on the tax base, and this will be the first nursing home in Fairview Park, which is good. This should benefit our seniors. And it will also help beautify Lorain Road,” Kennedy added.

Conveniently, the city’s senior center is located across the street, behind City Hall, so residents will be able to partake in the activities that take place there.

Discussing the 2005 update to Fairview’s 1999 master plan, Mayor Eileen Patton said, “We focused on what we could put over there.”

“What we’re going to end up with is completely different from what we decided in here” she said, gesturing toward a copy of the master plan update.

Originally planned were senior housing, retail and townhouses.

“Almost like a mini-Crocker Park,” she said.

But due to the weak economy, the land sat vacant. “Construction companies weren’t building, business owners weren’t purchasing land,” Patton remembered.

So she wondered what need wasn’t being met in the community, finally resolving that Fairview is the only city that doesn’t have an assisted living nursing home in the Westshore area.

Out of 120 rooms, 20 of them will be assisted living.

“They can actually walk to the grocery store,” Patton said, referring to the  nearby Giant Eagle, “if they’re walkers.”

If not, there is always the bus line.



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