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North Olmsted school board approves treasurer’s moves despite Lasko’s concerns

By Jeff Gallatin

North Olmsted

North Olmsted school board officials continued to differ about contracts within district Treasurer Robert Matson’s office.

Board members approved two treasurer’s office pacts at the Jan. 18 school board meeting, but not before some maneuvers by board and district officials. The moves came one meeting after board members John Lasko and Terry Groden voted against approving Matson’s contract extension at the board organizational meeting the previous week. The duo said they didn’t feel the proper notice to the public had been given about possible action on the pact. However, the other three board members voted for the new pact with Board President Tom Herbster and Vice President Joanne DiCarlo saying proper notice had been given and that the other members were action could be taken. New board member Linda Cleary voted with Herbster and DiCarlo to approve the pact.

At the Jan. 25 meeting, after Herbster moved to go into executive session to discuss personnel matters, Lasko asked if it was pertaining to the contract for a worker in Matson’s office and named the worker. DiCarlo objected several times to Lasko having used the employee’s name, saying it wasn’t proper, while also noting it was proper to go into executive session for such a matter.

Lasko questioned whether the session was needed and proper, while noting he had only used the name because it was on the agenda for anyone to see. After listening for several minutes, Herbster said the board needed to move on and vote whether to go into executive session, which it ultimately did. However, Lasko voted against it and declined to go into the executive session, saying it wasn’t proper and that he is allowed to not go in.

After the board and district administration officials emerged 20 minutes later from the session, Matson asked the board to move the two matters to his office from being a part of Superintendent Cheryl Dubsky’s report to his portion of the meeting. The board did and ultimately approved the measures, with Matson saying the moves were designed to cut costs by having employees do more by scaling down personnel costs.




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