Lakewood OH

Unknown Good Samaritan returns mayor’s wife’s wallet, cellphone

By Jeff Gallatin

North Olmsted

Anne Kennedy, wife of North Olmsted Mayor Kevin Kennedy, found out there are still Good Samaritans, even in the hectic Christmas shopping season.

While shopping Wednesday near Marc’s, Kennedy said she lost her wallet and cellphone and didn’t realize it until a little later.

“I was a little worried about it,” she said.

Kennedy said a friend suggested she call the cellphone to see if someone would either pick up if they’d already found the missing items or hear the ring and pick them up.

“A woman answered at first, then hung up,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy kept calling, and a few minutes later, she got another answer – this time it was the North Olmsted Police Department.

“It turns out that whoever it was turned the wallet and phone over to the police department fairly quickly,” she said. “Thankfully, the wallet, all its contents and the phone were all still there.”

Kennedy, who in addition to being the wife of a public official is herself a former police officer, noted with that background she has seen both the good and bad in people, and said this was definitely an example of the good and offered her thanks. She said the person did not leave a name.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the kind person that found my wallet and phone and turned it in to the North Olmsted Police Department on Wednesday,” she said. “I am extremely grateful for your honesty. In these tough times it would have been very tempting to take the contents, but you didn’t and for that I am grateful. Thank you.”

Police Capt. Mike Kilbane said this kind of story is always welcome.

“It’s nice to know that there are still good people out there who will do something like this,” he said. “We still get instances like this, thankfully. It happens more often than you might think, but it’s still nice.”




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