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New logo, band uniforms have Bay schools ready to blast off

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

School officials have Bay Village city schools ready to blast off into the future with approval of a new school logo and new band uniforms.

The Board of Education approved both at its Dec. 12 meeting. The logo was designed by Bay High senior Marek Mutch, with senior Kaleigh Sima getting second place and junior Max Langer netting third out of 167 entries in a Bay Rocket Logo contest held by the district.

When Superintendent Clint Keener praised Mutch’s work  at the school board meeting and asked how much of the design work was done on the computer, Mutch said all of it was.

Mutch said he looked at the evolution of a variety of logos like Pepsi® and Gatorade®, which he says have gone to a simpler yet more stylized design. He hasn’t decided on a college, yet, but would like to study digital art.

“I’ve always done art,” he said. “But I’ve become much more passionate about computer art in the last two years. I’ve recently started to get into other art mediums, though, and I have to say that has helped my computer art even more.”

Keener also said the new design will alleviate concerns about similarities to the University of Toledo Rockets logo. Keener noted the Bay High Rockets, as do many high school athletic teams, adopted a favorite logo about 10 years ago from an admired college with the same team name; in this case, the Toledo Rockets.

When Keener contacted the University of Toledo recently when a new gymnasium floor was being installed at the high school, he wanted to check on the status of using the logo.

“I wanted to get formal approval from them to use the logo, because we were thinking of having it painted into the gym floor,” he said.

However, Keener learned that the district could no longer use the University of Toledo rocket design. “They declined to give us permission,” he said. “And I understand. As it turns out, we saw it as an opportunity to involve students in a future symbol of our team and school spirit.”

Keener said that the district will pursue a trademark for the new design. “There are an unbelievable number of rockets in use for logos out there,” he said. “Any one of them resembles another in some way. But the board is adopting our rocket to be used with ‘Bay Rockets,’ or ‘Bay Village Rockets,’ and our school colors to make it clear that this is our own logo. The Bay Village Schools sports teams have been the Rockets since 1947, but no one in the district can recall the board ever formally adopting a rocket logo.”

School board President Amy Huntley said she’s thrilled to have the new logo and the new band uniforms.

“There have been all kinds of Rockets over the years,” Huntley, an alumna of Bay High School, said.  “Now we’ll have one that we can definitely call our own.”

Officials said the new logo will be on this year’s wrestling team’s uniforms. It will also will be on the new band uniforms, for which the Bay High Band Boosters have been raising funds for months.

“One of my kids wore the old uniforms when they were new and one of the kids will be in the last group to wear them,” Huntley said. “I think the new uniforms will be good for the band.”

The Bay High home basketball game with Vermilion on Friday, Jan. 27, will include a celebration of the new logo and recognition of the top three logo competition winners.

“There will be some surprises that evening,” said Keener. “I encourage everyone to come and cheer on our Bay Rockets.”




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