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Bay Village to finish last of new fire alarm work with Glenview contract

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

Bay Village school and city officials are pleased to have flipped the switch on getting the last new fire alarm system at a district building … for a while.

The school board unanimously approved at its Nov. 28 meeting giving a contract to Gene Ptacek  & Son Fire Equipment Co.  for installing a new fire alarm system at the Glenview Center for Childcare and Learning, which holds Bay Village’s day care and latchkey programs. The Cleveland firm was awarded the work for $24,600.

Superintendent Clint Keener said the district has been upgrading the fire alarm systems at its buildings for several years.

“This is the last of them,” he said. “We’ve been getting the new systems installed at the different buildings since 2004. It’s been a work in progress because the old systems were outdated, but this is the last new system.”

Because the contract is less than $25,000, the district did not have to put the work out for bid. Daryl Stumph, the assistant superintendent for business operations, recommended the Cleveland firm based on similar work it did at Westerly School in the Bay district.

“They did good work for us there,” Keener said. “They also are performing the engineering and architectural work themselves, which will save us additional money.”

Keener said the district had tentatively expected to pay about $40,000 for the work at Glenview.

“We’re watching everything like that,” he said. “We need safe facilities for the students and staff. So, when you get a company that’s got a good track record like this, you’re pleased.”

There will be a variety of new equipment in the system, with modern smoke and heat detectors, as well as pull stations. There also will be horns and strobe lights, instead of just hallway horns.

“We’re dealing with younger children, so this has a lot of  features which will alert them in the best way possible while taking into consideration their age,” Keener said.

District workers have worked closely with the city fire department on getting the new alarm systems installed and checked the last few years, Keener said.

“We have a good relationship with the city fire department,” he said. “They ask a lot of questions and make sure we get things the right way so we get installed properly. It’s tough, but we’re talking about safety issues here, so we expect it to be that way.”

Bay Village fire Chief Chris Lyons said he was pleased with the news.

“We’re very happy to hear that the schools are going to get the new system in Glenview,”  he said. “Clint Keener and Daryl Stumph have worked closely with the fire department to get all of this done.”

Lyons, who prior to becoming chief was the department inspector who worked with the schools, said it’s been a worthwhile process.

“Several years ago we identified the need for the school system to update its fire alarm system,” Lyons said. “That’s not something that you can do overnight. But, the system has worked with the fire department in getting it done in the best manner possible. Bay Village is a city with first-rate services and schools. Its citizens would expect nothing less when it comes to safety, and we’re glad to see the last of them being done.”




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