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Wanted man nabbed by North Olmsted officers after showing off in bar

By Jeff Gallatin

North Olmsted

A North Olmsted man wanted by Cuyahoga County law enforcement officials found out it doesn’t pay to advertise.

John R. Perry, 44, who county officials were seeking for probation violation for felonious assault and the attempted murder of his girlfriend, was nabbed by North Olmsted Patrolmen Matt Beck and Eric Morgan shortly after 2 a.m. Nov. 1 walking back towards his apartment on Country Club Boulevard. Police officials said they were aided by an anonymous phone call from Frank’s Place, a Dover Center Road bar where Perry allegedly was having a drink while brandishing a recent newspaper clipping showing he was wanted on the charges.

“Apparently, he was telling everybody about it in the bar,” Morgan said. “He was telling the other people that he wasn’t going to be caught and that they (the police) couldn’t catch him.”

Morgan said one of the other patrons went to the restroom and while away, notified police about Perry’s presence in the bar.

“When Matt and I got there, he was gone,” Morgan said. “So we split up and went down two roads, and Matt found him within a couple of  minutes.”

North Olmsted Police Captain Mike Kilbane said based on the information police had, it could have been a tougher call.

“The probation violation stemmed from a 2008 incident here when he had a major incident with his girlfriend,” Kilbane said.

According to police records, Perry threw the woman down some stairs then wrapped a bathrobe cord around her neck during the incident.

The initial charge was attempted murder, which was reduced to attempted felonious assault during the course of a plea agreement, Kilbane said.

In addition to the incident records, Kilbane said the department was aware Perry is a large man, about 6-6, 240 pounds.

“That’s another reason Matt and Eric went,” Kilbane said. “Not only are they good officers, they’re of similar dimensions. They handled what could have been a potentially dangerous situation, coolly and professionally, and made the arrest without incident.”

When the officers found him, Morgan said Perry was still hanging onto his clipping.

“He had the story and picture with him,” Morgan said. “He had it circled and showed us too.”

Beck said when he came up on Perry, he was cautious.

“Based on what we knew, you don’t know what might happen,” Beck said. “But I asked him if he was John Perry and he responded that he was. He was nice and polite about it.”

Both officers noted Perry had pulled the newspaper clipping from his pocket.

“That’s a first. I’ve never had a guy showing off  his clippings before,” Morgan said.

‘I got the feeling he was pretty tired of being out there,” Beck said.

Cuyahoga County Court records indicated Perry remained jailed Monday morning.




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