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Flowers for Steve Jobs left outside Apple store

By Kevin Kelley


Within hours of the announcement of the death of Apple co-founder and chairman Steve Jobs, flowers and a photo of the acclaimed businessman had been left outside the Apple store at Crocker Park in Westlake.

Jobs, 56, who founded the computer maker in 1976 and returned in 1997 to restore the company to profitability, died Oct. 5 from pancreatic cancer.

Terry Stiglic, a Rocky River resident who serves as president of the Westlake Macintosh Users Group, said he believes Apple’s success will continue for some time despite the loss of Jobs.

“I think they’ve got at least a good five-year window,” he said of the company’s popularity in products such as tablet computing and smartphones.

Apple’s success under Jobs was due in large part, Stiglic said, to the company’s keen emphasis on style.

“Their design team is what sold their products time and time again,” he said.

Jobs also had a knack for attracting talented personnel and getting them to work together toward a common goal, said Stiglic, who works in the mortgage industry.

In discussing Jobs, Stiglic also noted the phenomenal performance of Apple’s stock, which 10 years ago was trading for less than $10 but earlier this week was above $388.

“He made a lot of money for a lot of folks,” said Stiglic, who has been using Apple products for about two decades.

The Westlake Macintosh User Group’s two dozen members meet the first Tuesday of each month at Westlake Porter Public Library, 27333 Center Ridge Road.

The group is small enough, Stigler said, to help members solve computer problems.

“We’ve got a lot of time to spend on individual questions,” he said.

The topic for the Nov. 1 meeting will be new apps for the iPad 2 and security issues related to the iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system.



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