Lakewood OH

Expiring trash contracts extended through June

By Kevin Kelley

Fairview Park

After originally intending to accept bids for a new five-year contract for trash and recycling collection, city officials decided to simply extend the current contract with Republic Services of Ohio for another eight months.

With the extension, all three of the city’s separate trash-related contracts – for trash collection, processing of recyclables and landfill disposal – will now expire at the same time.

The trash collection and recycle processing contracts with Republic will now expire on June 30, the same date at which the city’s landfill disposal contract with Republic expires.

This summer, the city prepared bid specifications for just about every imaginable combination of trash and/or recycling collection, with and without automation, and with or without landfill disposal costs included.

But at a pre-bid meeting, potential contractors expressed resistance to take trash to Republic’s landfills for disposal during an interim period while that contract continued in effect, said Jim Kennedy, Fairview Park’s director of service.

So although the bid specifications were ready, no bids were ever made, he said.

With all contracts expiring on the same date, various companies can make bids on any or all elements of the city’s trash collection services.

“Everybody can bid for all the services at the same time,” Kennedy said.

An ordinance authorizing Mayor Eileen Patton’s administration to go forward with the contract extension was passed by city council Monday night.

City officials have sought volunteers to form a “green team” committee to, among other things, encourage residents to increase the amount they recycle. If residents recycle more, the city will have less garbage to haul away and will save money on its tipping fee at the landfill.

The green team will hold its fourth meeting at 7 p.m. Oct. 18 at Fairview Park City Hall, 20777 Lorain Road.



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