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Boys volleyball supporters put issue back in board of education’s court

By Jeff Gallatin

North Olmsted

Supporters of the North Olmsted boys club volleyball program have served the ball back into the board of education’s court.

One parent Kathy Busse and her son, Brandon, who is scheduled to be a co-captain if the team is brought back, asked the school board at its Oct. 19 meeting to retain the team as a school activity. Brandon also presented the board with a petition with 187 signatures asking that the club team be retained. Kathy Busse had spoken to the board in July asking it to reconsider the decision then. Board members said they would consider the matter.

Earlier this year, the board approved eliminating the boys club volleyball team as part of several teams cut to help save the district money. Superintendent Cheryl Dubsky had recommended the cuts as part of the cost-savings measures.

At the Oct. 19 meeting, both Busses cited strong support for the club team at the school with students and parents.

“We have other students coming up to us (team members) and asking when the season is going to be,” Brandon Busse said.

In presenting the petitions to the board along with his co-captain, Peter Szeltner, Busse said the team is ready to play a regular spring season if given the opportunity.

Kathy Busse reiterated that team members’ parents are willing to provide personal transportation to team matches like the bowling team does. This would save the district the transportation costs.

“The bowling team is allowed to do it and we have enough parents lined up to take care of the entire team,” she said.

She also reminded the board members that it approved a $75 transportation fee for students, which should help defray travel costs if needed.

“There are ways this can get done,” she said.

Busse said not having a team also could deprive some squad members of potential college scholarship activities. She cited Brandon as one example, noting he has drawn interest from college volleyball teams already.

She said she has already received some cost figures for different school athletic teams and is seeking additional ones for spring sports, but had not received that yet. She said the club volleyball team costs less than other comparable athletic teams in the district.

Dubsky said school officials would find the additional spring numbers and get them to Busse.

After the meeting, Dubsky said she appreciated the interest, but she made her recommendation about the boys volleyball club.

“It’s in the hands of the school board now,” she said. “It’s up to them to decide to have it.”

School board President John Lasko said afterward the board is still considering the matter and that it would look at the additional information as well before making a decision.




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