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Bay Village would save dollars with proposed charter change

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

For Bay Village city officials, Issue 16 only makes sense for residents to approve and save additional cents.

If approved, the charter amendment would move the Bay Village primary to the same date as other communities in Cuyahoga County. City officials have estimated the change will save the city about $30,000 in annual election costs.

The disparity came about when Bay Village voters, a few years ago, approved another change to the charter which approved having a primary election in municipal elections when there are sufficient candidates to merit it. In that move, Bay’s primary date was set for Sept. 20 which wouldn’t coincide with the rest of the city primaries in Cuyahoga County on Sept 13. That means instead of having the bulk of the costs handled through the county primary, Bay would have to pay the costs because it’s election was on a different date.

Mayor Debbie Sutherland said moving the city’s primary would stop the problems caused by having different primary dates.

“It doesn’t make sense for us to pay an additional $30,000 when we can go on the other date with the other cities,” she said. “We certainly need to keep looking at ways of saving money and this is one way we can do that. It would stop the need for us to essentially have to set up for and pay for a special election all on our own. It would cut down unnecessary time and employee issues.”

Sutherland said it also would stop any potential confusion for voters between having one primary date in Bay Village and another in the rest of the county.

She said it also would be easy for political campaigns in the city to prepare for the general election with the additional time and same date as other candidates and issues.

City Council President Brian Cruse also sees making the change in dates as a good move for the city and its residents.

“It’s a lot more practical and financially better for us if we approve making the change,” he said.

If approved, the change would be in effect for the next municipal election cycle in 2013.




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