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Quartet of candidates for two Bay school board seats

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

A quartet of candidates, including one incumbent, are seeking the Bay Village School District Board of Education seats on the ballot this year.

Three-term incumbent Bill Selong is again seeking re-election, along with attorney David Campbell, former teacher Steve Merkel and Bob Piccirilli, a former technical director for PPG industries. Mike Boeckman, who has served on the board six years, chose not to seek re-election, noting that he thought it was time for a new member.

Selong, who has been both president and vice president of the board and served on numerous committees and panels for the district, said he’s proud to have served as part of the school district leadership during those 12 years.

“I want to continue to work on improving the high achievement of our students,” he said.

The district traditionally has done a strong job of preparing district students for the future, he said. “That can continue through continuous improvement of curriculum, improve teaching methods, and an improved educational environment. He said the district must continue to assure that investment into school resources translate into improved student learning and academic achievement.

Selong said he also wants to continue to generate confidence from all parties in the district in decisions through open communication.

Selong said he’s worked to improve communication for all involved in the school district, saying the district is best served when there opportunities for all concerned parties to be informed about the district  in an open and honest manner.

Campbell has been active in community activities, and would like to take it to another level, since he has two sons in the school district.

“I want to give something  back to the community,” he said.

He said maintaining the current strong programs and activities would be a major priority for him as well, noting the district has done well for many years.

His legal background has included working with school districts, which would help him in any work on the board for the district, he said.

Merkel said he has strong concerns about the teaching of  math, english, science and history.

“Our students need a strong grounding in the core subjects,” he said.

As a former teacher, he wants to make sure the district has the right programs in place to continue a strong program for district students for many years, Merkel said.

Merkel, who has been involved in Tea Party activities, said he supports its goals of fiscal conservatism and limited government.

Piccirilli said he’s enjoyed working with the citizens advisory committee for the district and that it has given valuable information to the district with its activities and reports such as a recent on fees and costs for student activities.

He said the district also has done an excellent job of putting in place strong programs, activities and personnel for the district for many years.

“All the big stuff is done,” he said. “They’ve operated responsibly, they’ve passed the operating levy, they have good programs, they have the new high school principal. We have to make sure that we maintain all the excellence in the district.”

He said also wants to see the good relationships between those involved in the educational process for the students continue.



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