Lakewood OH

Repair work for rec center, golf course approved

With summer here and many people looking for recreation options, city officials have approved repairs for two major recreational facilities in the city.

City Council suspended the normal three readings and approved, on an emergency basis, having the administration seek bids for roof repairs at the Recreation Center. City workers discovered the need to repair certain portions of the roof when they were checking on areas in which a new dehumidification system would be installed.

In addition, council also approved on an emergency basis having the administration advertise for bids for improving the drainage at the city-owned Springvale Golf Course. Mayor Kevin Kennedy said passing the legislation on an emergency basis would allow a bid opening deadline during the construction season and allow the work to proceed more quickly.

Kennedy said both projects are needed and will enhance city recreational facilities on a long-term basis.

“They’re things which we have to get done to keep those facilities running smoothly,” he said. “With the recreation center, it’s been an ongoing project in terms of repairs and work to keep it up and running. We needed a dehumidification system because there was too much water in the pool area around there. While checking for that project, we found that there were areas of the roof that were going to need fixing fairly quick, or we were going to have other problems and maybe not have that open. So we’re seeking the repairs to get it done and taken care of this year.”

At a special Recreation Committee meeting, administration officials said they will have a better idea of overall costs when the scope of work is better defined.

Referring to the Springvale work, Kennedy said it will focus on the greens and sand trap areas.

“We’ve had complaints about the sand trap area before, and the greens go along with that,” he said. “So we want to get this done with as few problems as possible. By doing it this way, it shouldn’t create as many potential problems in doing the work. It shouldn’t interfere with the spring and summer seasons this way.”

Kennedy said exact timing and costs will depend on how the bids turn out, but said city officials anticipate the project moving forward in late August and going into November, noting it was still in construction season, but not prime golfing time.

City Council leaders said the moves the administration is making necessary moves in both projects.

“You’ve got to get it done to keep the rec center going,” said Kevin Kearney, chairman of the Parks and Recreation committee. “And the work at Springvale should make it more golfer friendly and accessible to people.”

Council Finance Committee Chairman Paul Barker said timing is an important element.

“It’s good to coordinate the roof work with the work on the dehumidification system, because if they aren’t done together, the rec center is going to have more issues,” he said. “The recreation center administration is doing a good job of being pro-active.

“As for Springvale, we’re already down some money this year because of the wet weather,” he said. “Doing this now and making the drainage and course better should help bring more people to it in future years and make it an even bigger asset to the city.”



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