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Police Beats – May 25, 2011


Purse pilfered
A Bay Village woman told police that her purse was stolen during a May 17 function at Bay Presbyterian Church.

The woman said she had left it unattended on a table while she went to socialize. When she returned, the purse was gone.

Crooks cashed in
Police said they have three arrests warrants pending in the theft and subsequent cashing of two checks from a Juneway man’s checkbook.

Police said the man told police May 18 the two checks were taken straight from the checkbook. After investigation, officers said they developed the suspects and prepared the warrants.

Nuisance nets charge
A city man is facing a falsification charge after police arrested him May 18.

Police said the charge stemmed from a May 10 incident, when officers said Stephen Radick called at 11:02 p.m. with what officers termed a nuisance complaint.


Credit card loss not reported
A Story Road resident’s credit card statement revealed $240 in unauthorized charges, police said. The unlawful transactions took place at establishments in the Columbus area.

The victim told police she believes she lost the card in March but did not report it at the time.

Boyfriend bothering me
A 32-year-old West 228th Street resident called police to say that her boyfriend was causing a disturbance May 15.

According to the incident report, all was quiet when officers arrived and no further action was necessary.

Deflated, not slashed
Around 1 p.m. May 15, a West 210th Street resident called police to report that two of the tires on her vehicle were slashed overnight.

Investigating officers discovered that the air had been let out of the tires, but no permanent damage was done.

Quiero dinero
On May 20, a West 215th Street resident reported receiving a phone call from someone claiming to be her nephew. The caller reportedly asked that she wire $950 to him in Mexico City.

The woman soon verified that it was a fraud attempt, prompting the police report.

Firearm missing
A Clifford Drive resident reported the theft of a firearm from the home May 21.

Police said they discovered the weapon was taken by a family member, who was arrested and taken to the county jail.


Copper caper
A home for sale sustained damages and had copper piping cut out of it sometime between May 13 and 16, police said.

A realtor said he locked up the house May 13 and noticed no damages. When he returned May 16, he found a $300 door kicked in and basement dry wall pulled down. All the copper piping, valued at $700, had been pulled out. The owner said later he had not been in the house for several weeks. Nearby residents said they had not seen anything suspicious.

GPS location missing
A Jamestown Village apartment resident told police May 18 that his 1995 Chevrolet Camaro had been broken into and several hundred dollars in electronics and cash were missing from the vehicle.

Police said the owner initially noticed the door to the vehicle was ajar. He then found his $150 GPS unit, $200 iPod and $250 radio missing. Also, $200 in cash had been taken from the dashboard area.

Police said both locks had been punched by the culprits to enter the vehicle.

Not a sacred area
While at St. Clarence Church Sunday morning, a man’s 2000 Jaguar was damaged, police said.

Police said the man parked the vehicle at about 9:45 a.m. in a marked parking place at the east end of the lot. When he returned at 10:50 a.m., the driver’s window was broken out. He said nothing appeared to be missing from the vehicle.


Overnight theft
Police received a call on May 20 that a laptop computer had been stolen overnight from a vehicle on Argyle Road. The theft is still being investigated.

No parking

At 7 p.m. May 20, an elderly driver attempting to park in a handicapped space outside of a Hilliard Road restaurant hit the gas, sending the vehicle over a concrete barrier and into a bench outside of the restaurant. No one was injured and minor damage was done to the restaurant property and to the car.

Well-done garage

On May 21, officers responded to a Morewood Parkway resident, who reported that something was burning in their garage. It turned out that the homeowners put ashes from an outdoor fireplace into the trash, but something was still smoldering, setting the garage on fire. No serious damage was done.

Tribe tickets

On the afternoon of May 21, a homeowner reported to police that a solicitor was going door to door selling Indians tickets. The would-be ticket hawker was advised that he needed a permit from the city to do his selling.

Hot wheels

A resident on South Bend Circle called police at 2 p.m. on May 21 and reported the theft of two unlocked bicycles from a garage. Police are investigating.


Sexual imposition charge
A 31-year-old Westlake woman reported that she was groped by an employee of a Detroit Road convenience store May 16, police said.

The 52-year-old suspect, a Westlake resident, allegedly followed her to the rear of the store, where the offense took place, after hugging her. The suspect, who police said had been drinking, was arrested and charged with sexual imposition later that night. Police said a court-ordered protection order has been issued against the suspect.

Debit card fraud
A Westford Circle woman reported fraudulent charges had been made on her debit card in Canada on May 16.

According to the police report, her bank notified her that there had been an $80 transaction and a subsequent $257 attempted purchase earlier that day. The woman had the card in her possession the whole time, police said. The account has since been closed.

Daughter gets broken nose
Police were called to a Dover Center Road home around 8:40 p.m. May 16. A 15-year-old girl living there claimed that her mother punched her in the nose during an argument, police said. The 41-year-old mother said that the two struggled and did not know how the nose injury occurred, according to police.

The Westlake Fire Department transported the child to St. John Medical Center, where police said she was for treated for a broken nose. Her father took custody of her there, police said.

The city prosecutor will decide if any charges will be filed in the case.

Unauthorized charges
A Sleepy Hollow Drive resident found that three charges totaling $221 had been made May 20 against her Visa check card. The victim had the card in her possession at the time of the transactions, police said.

The bank requires that a police report be made before it will delete the charges, according to the police report.



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