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North Olmsted fire chief sentenced on DUI charge

North Olmsted Fire Chief Tom Klecan was fined nearly $1,000, had his driver’s license suspended for six months and was sentenced to one year of monitoring after pleading no contest in Berea Municipal Court to a DUI charge stemming from an arrest last year.

Klecan entered the plea on the DUI charge April 28 after speeding and lane change and weaving charges were dismissed in the agreement. The charges stem from a Dec. 10 incident on I-71 when he was arrested by Middleburg Heights Police after the vehicle he was driving was seen going over the road erratically. The case led to him not being allowed to drive city of North Olmsted vehicles, where he has been fire chief since 2003.

In the sentencing, Klecan paid $989 in fines and court costs, served a three-day jail sentence and had the license suspension go back retroactively to the date of the incident, meaning his driver’s license privileges will be restored in early June. He also will be subject to records check and monitoring by law enforcement officials for any other drug/alcohol, traffic or other infractions. If any are found, the court will be able to impose additional sanctions.

Klecan said Thursday the sentencing was fair and that he regrets the incident, saying he had made a mistake and was paying the price for it.

He has no other similar incidents on his driving record.

North Olmsted Mayor Kevin Kennedy said he does not anticipate taking any further action against Klecan beyond not being allowed to use city vehicles.

“He’s already paid a heavy personal and professional price for the incident and has acknowledged he made a mistake and is sorry for it,” Kennedy said. “Because of it, he’s not allowed to drive city vehicles. He’s gone through the legal process on this and has been penalized for this.”



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