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Martin to succeed Cahoon as Bay High principal

The Bay Village Board of Education has approved a contract for Jason Martin, effectively making him the new principal of Bay High School in August.

Board member Bill Selong said he is pleased the interview process worked out in Martin’s favor.

“We’re really excited to have you,” he said during the April 25 meeting. “I think it’s going to be a really great opportunity.”

Selong said the position of high school principal is more than just a job – it is an important position in any community.

“I tell people there are three positions in the city that are really important,” he said, noting some might not agree. “You’ve got the mayor, your superintendent, and your high school principal. In my opinion, those folks really shape the community in a lot of unique ways. It’s a great job and I know you’re up for it. I really appreciate the interest and the time you’ve put forth and I know it’s going to be a great opportunity for you.”

Others congratulated Martin in a short-and-sweet style, like Board Vice President Dr. Gayatry Jacob-Mosier.

“Were glad to have you on board, Mr. Martin,” she said.

Board President Amy Huntley said she had the privilege of interviewing Martin when he was hired as an assistant principal six years ago.

“I was dumbfounded to learn that he was only 28 at the time,” she recalled, “because he carried himself so maturely and so responsibly.”

As a board member, Huntley said, she has worked with Martin in a lot of different roles and she is happy to see him step into the position of principal.

“I am very excited this was on the agenda tonight and I look forward to continue working with you,” she said.

Martin said he fell in love with Bay Village when he was hired as an assistant principal six years ago, and he thanked the board for its decision.

“I would like to thank you for the opportunity and the show of faith you had in me,” he said. “Six years ago when I accepted the job as assistant principal my wife and I fell in love with the schools and fell in love with the community.”

He said his time in Bay Village has strengthened his passion for the community, and now that he has children in the school system it makes his position even more special. Martin has a daughter who recently entered kindergarten and another daughter who will enter kindergarten in the fall.

“We’re just delighted to be here to have a new and greater role in the schools,” he said. “I’m looking forward to working with all of you and taking on the challenges that will come to us in the upcoming year.”

Martin spent two years at Marion Harding High School as an assistant principal before coming to Bay Village. He started his career as an English teacher at Marion Harding.

He said his previous experience as an assistant principal will lead to a smooth transition, and working with Jim Cahoon was a tremendous experience for him.

“I think the consistency of being in the building, knowing the staff and knowing the students is simply going to lead to me being able to make a smooth transition into the role of being principal,” he said. “I’ve had a great opportunity to work with Jim Cahoon. Over the last six years Jim’s been a phenomenal mentor, he’s a tremendous leader, a tremendous principal, so being able to take over where he leaves off is a great privilege and a great honor for me.”

Martin’s contract will be effective August 1, 2011, through July 31, 2014. Board members expressed their gratitude that Martin was chosen to fill the position of Jim Cahoon, who announced he will retire at the end of this school year.

Now that he will be involved in finding someone for the assistant principal position he will be vacating, Martin said he hopes to find someone who shares his same values and passion for the community.

“I’m looking forward to working with the board and the staff to find the right person for that job,” he said.



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