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North Olmsted city, schools deal with flooding issues

 City and school officials Monday were coping with weather-related problems caused by flooding from the melting snow.

            School officials closed district buildings for the day after water encroached on school properties early Monday morning.

            Superintendent Cheryl Dubsky said she was alerted to the potential problems shortly after 6 a.m. when custodians said water was coming up to the doors of North Olmsted High School. It also was getting close to one entrance by the gymnasium, she said. In addition, police had closed off Revere and Burns roads due to high waters. In addition, there were high waters in the ovals by Birch and Pine schools, she added.

“The water was anywhere from one to three feet high in several locations by the high school,” she said. “The good news is that the custodians were able to squeegie away the water from doors by the high school before it got in the doors.”

            Dubsky said she also had reports of students not being able to get near bus stops because of high water and flooding.

            “We had to make a call about whether or not to open relatively early,” she said. “When we have these kind of reports, we’ll always err on the side of caution and the students safety and close the schools.”

            Dubsky said based on the information she had late Monday morning, she anticipated the schools being open Tuesday.

            “The weather is supposed to be better later this week, so we should be able to open,” she said.

            City officials also were busy with weather related incidents. Police shift personnel said many roadways were shut down. In addition to Burns and Revere,  Brookpark and Brookpark Extentsion, portions of Canterbury and others were affected.

            Mayor Kevin Kennedy said the city was working on the issues.



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