Lakewood OH

Local district assess impact as governor’s budget is released

Governor John Kasich released his first two-year biennium budget yesterday, providing school districts across the state with the information they’ve been waiting for to confirm how their financial forecasts of anticipated cuts match up with reality. Since last spring, school districts have been advised to brace for cuts in their state funding of up to 30%. Olmsted Falls City Schools, and many surrounding districts, have been budgeting for a cut of 10% in their five-year forecasts.

While it will take a little time to determine the exact impact on our District, a preliminary review of the cuts seem to reveal that District projections (of 10%) are relatively close to actual. We will continue to share information about the impact of this new state budget on our District as it becomes available.

It is clear that Olmsted Falls City Schools, will have to continue to operate in an arena of decreasing budgets. Passage of the 2.8 Mill P.I. Levy on May 3, 2011- which WILL NOT RAISE THE CURRENT LEVEL OF SCHOOL TAXES – will be critical to helping our District stretch existing dollars and have the funds available to address facility maintenance issues.



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