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Credit union to build on former Cleveland Motel site

A credit union plans to build a two-story structure on the former Cleveland Motel site at the western end of Lorain Road, Development Director Jim Kennedy said.

In his report at the Feb. 21 City Council meeting, Kennedy said the city has been in discussions for some time with the financial institution, which he did not name.

The institution, he said had also looked at another site within the city.

In 2009, the city purchased the motel property for $120,000 and quickly demolished the building. City officials and neighbors had long complained that the motel was a nuisance, with excess noise and motel guests coming and going at all hours. Numerous health and building code violations were found at the motel over the years.

Kennedy said the sale to a developer was the plan all along.

“We were able to acquire that property here in 2009 for just such an eventuality,” Kennedy said.

“This organization is going to bring some employees and some property tax,” Kennedy said. “And most of all, and most importantly, they’re going to continue to beautify Lorain Road with a brand new office building with a 25,00 square foot footprint.”

Kennedy said the two-story building will be designed in the colonial style the city has encouraged developers to use.

Regarding the proposed construction of a nursing home/assisted living facility on Lorain Road, Kennedy said the city is close to completing the paperwork on the transfer of the former Garnet School property from the Fairview Park City Schools to the city, Kennedy added.

In December, the city reached an agreement to acquire the property from the school district. In exchange for the property, which includes the school district’s former offices, the city is waiving the schools’ annual $60,000 fee to use the city-owned Gemini recreation center for its students over the next 12 years. The property is directly across the street from Fairview Park City Hall.

The city and nursing home are close to finalizing a purchase agreement, Kennedy added. City officials have declined to name the nursing home company.

The 100,000-square-foot facility will house 100 skilled nursing beds and 28 to 30 assisted living units and have an annual payroll of $4.5 million, Kennedy reported.

“It will result also in the generation of property tax, which as most of you know, isn’t provided now because it’s owned by the schools,” Kennedy said.

Construction of the facility is contingent on voters passing a rezoning measure on the property in the May election.



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