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Barrett taking Kirtland superintendent’s job

North Olmsted Associate Superintendent Steve Barrett is ready to take the next step in his education career.

Barrett was confirmed Monday as the new superintendent in the Kirtland Local School District at a special school board meeting for that district. A reception was held afterward.

He has been associate superintendent in North Olmsted since 2007, when he replaced Cheryl Dubsky after she became superintendent. Prior to that, he served as the North Olmsted Middle School Principal. He also has been principal at Brush High School, as well as an administrator in the Euclid and Garfield Heights districts. The Kirtland district is located in Lake County and has about 1,200 students from Kirtland, Kirtland Hills, Chardon Township and Waite Hill. It has one campus with an elementary, middle and high school.

Barrett said after Wednesday’s North Olmsted School board meeting, that he is pleased to get the new position.

“It’s a great district,” he said. “But, I’m leaving one here as well. I’ve worked with one of the best superintendent’s in the state here and I told them that during the interview. We have a great team here and we’ve accomplished a lot during that time.”

Barrett told attendees that he got a little misty while working on an educational program during the week in North Olmsted knowing he will be moving on within a few months.

“We’ve done extremely well here and I’m sure they will continue to do so with the leadership and team that is in place here,” he said. “It was a pretty high-level discussion about the program, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from the people around here.”

Barrett said he will have a three-year contract and that he will be leaving North Olmsted at the end of July.

Dubsky praised Barrett and his work for North Olmsted.

“Steve has been a most knowledgeable, caring and passionate educational leader, and our valued colleague for the past seven years,” she said. “He will be missed and is wished all of the best in this new, exciting endeavor. We’re not going to say goodbye yet because we know he will continue to be an Eagle for awhile, and hopefully always in his heart.”

Dubsky lauded Barrett for his friendship and professionalism with her both during his time as middle school principal and associate superintendent.

“It doesn’t seem like seven years,” she said. ‘Steve has worked at the elementary, middle and high school levels, as well as administration all of which will help him. I know he’ll do well and do a great job there.”

Dubsky said she must first post the associate superintendent’s internally, then she does expect to advertise the position.

“I would expect us to have candidates from inside and outside the district,” she said. “We have time to make a good decision since he isn’t leaving us right away, so we’ll be thorough as we consider his replacement.”



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