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No more business as usual

Dr. Cheryl Dubsky knows it. She admitted it Thursday at a chamber luncheon at which she gave a speech regarding the state of the North Olmsted School District.

“It’s not business as usual.”

It can’t be, in a district that is still waiting on the official outcome of the Nov. 2 levy. Even if the vote turns from 10 down to 1 above, the message is clear.

To her credit, Dubsky acknowledges that and – in the same breath – told a group of 30 or 40 business people gathered the district is working on better plans, despite the reality that the state of Ohio is short $8 billion again this year.

We look for many more details to come from the North Olmsted schools in the coming months. We also recommend that neighboring districts take note to try to stay ahead of the curve. Fairview Park has been aggressive that way. Westlake recently has been aggressive with its building needs. All this, without indicting North Olmsted. As noted several times in this space, the school funding system is broken to the point that any given school would be hard pressed to rise above.

Win or lose, levy language or not, we need more administrators to stand up and realize it is just a matter of time before their districts could be in the same position.

The time is right. No more business as usual.



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