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Bay foundation grants $14,172 to schools

Bay Village

Jon Wysochanski

Months of tension at school board meetings in Bay Village have eased with the recent passing of a 6.9-mil operating levy.
On Nov. 15, the presentation of grant money by the Bay Village Educational Foundation and Bay Village Kiwanis brought additional smiles to the faces of teachers and board members.
Fourteen awards were handed out to teachers from the elementary, middle and high school totaling $14,172.29. The top three winners were Normandy, earning a total of $3,974.99, Bay Middle at $3,604.95 and Bay High at $2,619. Glenview was awarded a total of $1,953.35 and Westerly received a grant in the amount of $420.
According to Scott Best, president of the Bay Village Educational Foundation, the foundation has awarded $165,000 to Bay schools in the past 10 years.
“It doesn’t get any better than when it is time to hand out awards,” said Best. “The whole purpose of the Bay Village Educational Foundation is to increase opportunities for students and staff.”
Best said the foundation has been in existence for 25 years and that grant money is collected through a variety of means ranging from alumni donations to fundraising efforts.
After the presentation portion of the meeting, board president Bill Selong said he was pleased to see the wide variety of projects that will be funded through the grant money.
“It’s nice to see the wide array of awards you’ve been able to give,” Selong said. “We look forward to seeing what the winners will be able to do with their awards.”
Bay Village Schools Superintendent Clint Keener was also pleased with the work of the Bay Village Educational Foundation, and said that the grants are good because they help out a wide range of students in all grades of the Bay Village School System.
“These grants represent all of our buildings and they represent many students and many projects,” Keener said. “Many of our technology programs got their start with a local educational foundation grant.”
In addition to grants that are awarded each year the foundation is also working on a permanent fund which Best said is close to the $250,000 mark they would like to reach.

Grants were awarded for a wide range of projects:

  • Timothy O’Brien, $3,604.95 for using the iPod Touch for Teaching and Learning
  • Cathy Bogart and AnneHurtuk, $3,500 for Norman Bees on the Net
  • Carla Farrington, Susan Satow, Nicholl Karmansky, $1,734 for iPad’s for preschoolers
  • Ann Mowery, $1,421 for S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics program)
  • Joy May, $500  for an embroidery machine
  • Martha Fisher, $420 for harvesting rainwater
  • Philip Slanina,$398 for the Bay Literary Magazine
  • Lindsey Rinehart, $300 for making compost from snack waste
  • Carla Farrington and Sue Simpson, $219.35 for the AccuCut Project
  • Eileen Mehan, $174.99 for a flip-camera
  • Three additional grants were funded by the Bay Village Kiwanis, who work in partnership with the Bay Village Educational Foundation each year on grants. Recipients of these grants were:

  • Jason Martin, $1,000 for the WINGS Group, which “helps adolescent girls soar”
  • Rick Manderine, $500 for Pupil Assistance in Learning
  • Michelle Safarz, $400 for the Ronald McDonald House and Salvation Army


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