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Congrats to the Gorius family!

Bay’s new grid boss pulls double duty: welcomes new son into the world, prepares his Rockets for opener


By Jim Horvath 

          So you think you’re having a busy day?

          Well, you’ve got nothing on Bay’s rookie head football coach Ryan Gorius.

          Last week, Gorius and his staff were busy preparing the Rockets for their final tune-up scrimmage as well as the upcoming regular season. But while there were lots of Xs and Os being put up on the chalkboard, there were other matters running through the gray matter of the Rockets’ former offensive coordinator.

          Last Friday morning, his wife, Sarah, gave birth to the couple’s second child as young Charles Michael Gorius entered the world. He’ll soon be joining forces with his older sister, 20-month old Anna, in making sure mom and pop have plenty to do in the days, months and years to come.

          By the way, both mother and son came through the whole ordeal with flying colors, according to Gorius.

          “Everybody’s fine and healthy,” he said last Saturday afternoon as he was making his way back to the hospital. “It was a pretty time since we were getting ready for our scrimmage that night. But I’ve got a good coaching staff around me, and we were all prepared.

          “The coaches and players were all very understanding. And my wife is very understanding as well. She knows how important football is this time of year,” he said.

          “We’re going to call him Charlie,” he added.

          So after the birth of his son, the team’s final scrimmage and game-planning Saturday morning for the season opener, Gorius finally had an opening for some quality family time over the rest of the weekend. Best of luck to the Gorius family, and a heart-felt congratulations from West Life Sports!



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