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The King of Nothing


Today’s Take: The King of Nothing has left the building 



By Jim Horvath

I think we can all step back and take a deep breath now.

The events of the past five days concerning the King of Nothing have, if nothing else, provided thousands of sports fans with plenty to talk about. We’ve all taken in a ton of information, processed it and formulated some sort of opinion.

Personally, I don’t think I can read about it any more.

If you read my blog back when all of this started, you already know my feelings.

This self-promoted young man from Akron – who is not yet a man, by the way – made a disastrous mistake last Thursday when he went prime time with his choice to go to Miami. Even NBA commissioner David Stern felt somewhat the same way when he called the kid’s decision “ill conceived, badly produced and poorly executed.”

Honestly, I don’t have a problem with the fact that the kid wanted to leave. He had every right to. It’s how he got to that point that showed his true immaturity.

First of all, as I stated previously, we “witnessed” some suspect behavior during the Boston series. Now, when you look back on it, it appears the kid pouted the Cavaliers out of the playoffs. There was no elbow issue, according to the doctors. It was a convenient excuse.

Also, you could tell something weird was going on by the looks on the faces of his Cavalier teammates. They looked totally confused.

The list goes on and on from there.

Throwing his jersey to the ground after Game 6.

Talking about his “team,” meaning his posse, not his actual teammates, in the post game interview.

The three-day media frenzy at the IMG building downtown.

Not returning Dan Gilbert’s phone calls.

And then, the icing on the cake. Taking his decision to the heights of media madness, making Cavalier fans hold on to the edge of their seats, only to stab them in the back. Heck, he stabbed them in the front, side, anywhere he could thrust the dagger. It was the worst possible way to treat his loyal fans, many of who will never forget.

I know I won’t.

Let me offer a bit of advice to all of you professional sports fans out there. Do not, I repeat, do not buy any merchandise that has a player’s name on it. If I buy a jersey, for example, I will not buy one that has a name on the back. Browns, Indians, Cavaliers, it doesn’t matter.

The players are in it for themselves. Those days of community loyalty, the days of the Bob Fellers, the Bernie Kosars and the Austin Carrs are, for the most part, gone.

Also, spend more time watching high school sports. Here in the Westshore area, we have plenty of exciting high school teams and athletes we can follow. Those young men and women, by far, are worth the time and support.

They are also way more appreciative.

That’s something worth witnessing.



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