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Court is in Session(s) for Cavaliers


Today’s Take: Sessions an upgrade for Cavs


By Jim Horvath

         New Cavaliers head coach Byron Scott has made it clear that he expects his team to run the fast break as much as possible.

          Love it! But there was one key ingredient missing in that expectation:

          A point guard.

          The Cavaliers, I believe, fixed that major problem with the acquisition of Minnesota point guard Ramon Sessions. The 6-3, 24-year old fills a need – a big need – for the Cavaliers, who have been searching near and far for a true point guard for years.

          From all published reports I’ve read, this guy wants to run and gun teams to death. He’s not much of a spot-up shooter, but who cares? The Cavaliers have tons of those. What they needed was someone who could push the ball up the court and distribute the ball without sending it five rows up into the stands.

          Drive and dish. Create your own shot. Take the ball to the hole. Those are the things that Scott loves to see. Fans didn’t get to see much of that with Mike Brown’s teams, but they’ll certainly see it now.

          The arrival of Sessions will certainly energize the Cavaliers’ offense. I don’t think we’re going to see him pounding the ball into the court near half court while the rest of his teammates watch.

          And yes, I realize we still have Mo Williams, who, ironically, is one of Sessions’ best buds from their days together in Milwaukee. You could see both of them in the backcourt together, with Williams moving over to the shooting guard spot. That would allow Williams to be more of a scorer and (we can only hope) work more on his defense.

          I also like getting the 7-footer, Ryan Hollins. He’s a big man the Cavaliers needed, but he’s not a plodder, like Shaq or Z. He’s more slender and very athletic, so he can run the floor. He’s 25-years old and had a nice season last year when he shot 56 percent from the floor for the Timberwolves.

          With this trade, the Cavaliers got younger and faster. They also got rid of a gigantic headache in Delonte West. No more babysitting duties for the team’s front office and coaching staff.

          A lot of fans and media think the Cavaliers are in for a big fall next season. I’m not so sure. No, I don’t think they’re going to win 62-66 games next season, but they don’t have to. They need to learn Scott’s system and rely more on their own abilities rather than those of some spoiled superstar who has to have things his own way.

          Once that happens, the wins will come. I think the fans will like what they see:

          Real team basketball.



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