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Tribe’s a wreck


A Sporting Viewpoint: Patience wearing thin with Tribe


By Jim Horvath 

          Over the years, I’ve become a much more patient person.

          Believe me, it’s definitely a learned response.

          Yes, I’ve come a long way from my younger days. My mom had a refrigerator magnet (that I still have) that carried this little request: “Lord, give me patience, and I want it now.” While that still causes me to chuckle every time I see it, there’s no chuckling when it comes to watching the Indians these days.

          I want a baseball team, and I want it now.

          This is getting ridiculous already.

          The Tribe just got swept by the Phillies, with the last game a 12-3 culmination of screw-ups that have plagued this team all season long.

          Spotty pitching, at best. No consistency there whatsoever.

          Horrific defense. I could go over to Clague Park any day of the week and see better play in the field.

          Undisciplined hitting. I know some of these guys are young, but come on. When I can sit there and know a 1-2 pitch is going to be low and away, why don’t they know that?

          Thank God the Tribe finally sent Luis Valbuena back to the minors. Talk about a guy who had no business being in the majors. Sure, he looked promising at the end of last season, but many rookies do during that time of the year.

          Is the newly-acquired Jayson Nix any better with the glove and bat?

          Could he be any worse?

          Even at this point, with the team approaching the 20 games below .500 mark, I’m still watching. Maybe I’m just a gluten for punishment. Maybe the Tribe is becoming a lot like that bad accident you see on the interstate. You don’t want to look, but you just can’t help yourself.

          Guilty as charged.

          Go Browns!



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