Lakewood OH

808 owners hope shave ice appeal extends into winter

808 Shave Ice (the 808 is Hawaii’s area code) filters water to create the ice and purchases all but one of its 33 flavors from suppliers in Hawaii. The flavors use 100 percent pure cane sugar as opposed to high fructose corn syrup

Clough says his relationship with law director is not good

Mayor Dennis Clough says his relationship with Law Director John Wheeler is the worst he’s had with any law director.

Idling car stolen in Westlake, driven through Avon parade route

A black Chevrolet Equinox SUV stolen outside a Crocker Park restaurant Oct. 5 was driven down Stoney Ridge and Detroit road minutes before the start of the Avon High School homecoming parade, then ultimately crashed into a house in Elyria.

The ‘In’ place for kids is indoors, which frustrates many parents

  By Tim Piai Like most parents, I have tried over the years to keep my kids active, outside and engaged. If there was a branch of the Scouts that included parents, my merit badges would be for visiting  a vast array of nature centers, museums, and playgrounds. I always wanted a “World Tour” style T-shirt with […]



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